Wednesday, April 9, 2008


  1. Obama does not take oil money ;-
  2. Obama did not vote for the war: nor did he vote against it. He didn't vote.
  3. Obama has hope instead of experience - he didn't make experience on his foreign relations committee.
  4. Obama is of "the people", with holes in his soles - but his wife reportedly wears an ankle length white mink
  5. Obama said a couple years ago that he needed more experience: a well financed media campaign now is the experience
  6. Obama is religious; he goes to church: but only when it's good (didn't inhale).
  7. Obama wants single mothers to have to buy their children health insurance: - pony up, girls!
  8. Obama to have exec meetings on CSPAN for all to see: closed door meetings elsewhere.
  9. With Obama everything's going change
  10. Obama will then have total transfromation into action figure. I saw one on a dashboard already.

Vote Obama: Vote for Words. Or for retracting words. Either way: Words work. Or they don't. but that's ok you can expect mistakes.

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