Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dignity Justice Vision Action Structure Sport

First, the Goal: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Next, the medium: The media
Third, the candidates: McCain backstage; Obama & Clinton frontstage with US
Finally, change, the moment, happenstance, the NOW. POW!

1 3 individuals want 1600: The Decider, Commander Guy.
11 3 are mediated thru media, a message from the past about the future delivered thru a box: squared off.
111 We are America. We are The US. 3 candidates meet us, hear us, speak for us, guide us, hear us again.
1111 Change, the moment, happenstance, luck, looming, flooding pressures, moment to moment, day to day, crisis to crisis, ceremony to ceremony, routine to routine.

A week in the campaign is a month, a month a year. We forget what engaged or enraged us days ago. Our optimism of a fortnight ago seems like an untarnished photograph from way back. We judge these 3 candidate stars on what we hear about what they say about the past, what we hear about what they say about the future, what we feel about when we see them in the media-sphere and what we think they feel about us -- and upon "what's happening" - the now.
We need new rules to remain a civilized society.

  • "drop" exchange down to a conversational level - disengage from conversation-as-confrontation.
  • allow a candidate to explain a past relationship with an issue or group, formulate a current stand, and specify how it varies from opponent. Opponent gets to restructure the question or to say that is or is not how it varies.
  • Ask candidates to imagine a future to indicate what might shift their priorities, tactics, or even strategy.

Questions about character and likeability are legit. Yes or no? We have to like what we are looking to as a leader for 4-8 years. We want to anticipate the branding and the brand of cronyism. Do we get to open the doors, rev it up, check out the compartments and even kick the tires? Do we expect voluntary "full-disclosure" from our candidates as to who they are? What if full-disclosure is "bull-disclosure?" Then can we kick?

Full disclosure includes: one's close advisors, mentors, mega-buck supporters; one's favored books, socio-political theories, operational practices and relationship to God. We expect our candidates to reveal for themselves - or otherwise the media will do it for us and to us. The candidates must stand up and tell us who they really are. If accusations and questions cannot tell your story, then you tell your story.

This race is a mythic battle, grand scale drama, theater of huge proportion. Will it be a serial tragedy or a burst of hope on the Broadway of a new world? I am ready for each candidate's monologue, written by herself or himself, delivered fireside, allowing me to see if I want him or her as friend, leader, and inspiration and channeller of change.

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