Friday, April 4, 2008

Political weather

ll What will the winds be on the day of the primary? Blowing dirt Obama way or kicking up a gaffe Clinton way? As a black preacher man for Hillary said, "God has a hand in this. God has a hand."
ll We pretend to talk about issues when it is all emotional. The complexity of issues renders most of us ignorant. Caught are we in thought communities. For those for whom Hillary can do no wrong, Hillary can do wrong—and still be right. For those in love with Obama, wrong is not an option since he already said he might be sometime. Think of your best friend. Now, someone says something bad about ‘em: you snap. You cannot hear.
ll Words matter until they make it so other words don't matter. With words cracking as they have been, wild enough to get people suspended for wielding them, why continue to speak as if rational when it is all emotional? What we are caught in the grip of? Some of us want to stand up and shout, “I love him!” Others, “I love her!” Some want to add, “I can’t stand her.” Others, “I can’t stand him.”
ll Which side are you on? Love your candidate or hate the other? Loving yours is fine. Hating the other is hate.
ll Which candidate can lead us in discussion? Awoman.

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