Sunday, March 9, 2008

We all act “rational” when the entire thing is so “emotional”

Granted, we have many rational reasons to love Hillary and equally as many to doubt Obama, but their camp looks at it just the reverse. They love him and pretend it is rational by stacking up all their facts and reasons, and they hate her and stack up reasons and facts for that. When we paint a totalist picture with facts or theory to idealize or demonize either one of them, it does a disservice to America.

Stick with the facts of how great Hillary is – the patterns of her greatness and the particulars of her greatness. She has been to 80 countries. Obama has been to about 5 and only recently. She had lived six decades and is in the generativity phase of life where she wants to give back. He is still in his Young Adulthood where he is seeking a foothold in getting love. These are the stages through which we all travel in life as established so many decades ago by Psychologist Erik Erikson. Give back is her message: Stay positive and use what Hillary inspires in us. As one blogger said, “Hillary’s already my President.” Share beautiful odes and videos and links to the warmth that is Hillary – and all our reasons and emotions remain with Hillary as the gal we want in the office.

We think we’re being rational, but we are all being emotional too
This leads to demonization
Demonization is negative
Negativity cannot win

What is important is the To Do List for the future, not accusations about the past
Both sides should stick with facts and reasons about the positive details of their candidates, details about past accomplishments and details about particular substantive areas as they appear now and in the future.
n the future of Iraq, not the past – enough with the speeches about a speech
n the future of universal health care and the quickest road to it – let’s just do it, there’s no good excuse for making it not universal unless you want to be particularly hard on women
n the future of green jobs and how to march out a plan rather than go Ken Starr Monster on each other – are her tax returns more important than the two of you again addressing us with particular questions about foreign policy and your respective know-how?
n the future of women’s rights – how is that part of Hillary’s vision of the future and seemingly absent from Barack’s view, although his wife has that as her project, how to be a professional with kids, like she is herself.
n the future of investigations into the various alleged breaches of the constitution by the current administration – and votes like Barack’s to give the telecoms immunity
n the future of small town and little city America – and Hillary’s lessons from New York on how Washington helps
n the future of the President’s democratic connection with those of us she met on the campaign trail through the internet – and her vision of continuing Town Halls throughout her Presidency
n the future of weaving our returning military into as pleasant a life in the United States as possible with the wounded ones first, but forgetting not one of them who went overseas to protect that which is good about America – with a dozen specific stories of how she turned her particular instances of help into legislation
n the future of listening to our elders, and listening to our elders listen to one another, like the two beautiful ladies down in Texas at the Town Hall
n the future of figuring out how not to lose their voices – they speak for themselves.
n the future of working with Bill and Melinda Gates and Oprah Winfry on intervention in Detroit and Philadelphia and New Orleans and Oakland and Jackson and St. Louis instead of primarily in Africa – we also need an injection into the third world of children right here in the US who have been waiting in line for text books and attention so they could pass some NCLB tests rather than sitting at a computer learning how to operate technology for jobs tomorrow.
That’s what we want to hear about. Not accusations, not personal attacks, not against Hillary, and not against him either.

The negativity of spammers can be ‘ignored’ – they are like dog pee on the front door.
Contempt can be ignored.
Icarus can be remembered.
Judgment that was never put to the test is not fact or reason. It was something that did not occur in the past and who knows what would occur in the future.

Hillary is all about positivity. She is all about being smart. We need to take the granularity of her experience, service, wisdom, wit, and love of Hillary and match it to his flash and cash. Stay positive – let him go negative if he wants to.

No need to be angry about him: he can’t take Hillary’s heart, grace, and experience away from her, and all we have to do is keep spreading the message of who she is, person to person.

I say: Hillary is our new Best Friend. Insist on a “Coffee with Hillary” with one or two of your Hillary-averse companions or co-workers. Sit with Hillary over coffee and a 20 minute video or video collage, maybe read together the interview she gave Judy Woodruff. Listen to her for over an hour in New Orleans. Catch her after Togo West and Wesley Clark introduce her. Just say, “I want you to meet my new Best Friend.” Oh! Start with the two Texas ladies in the Town Hall.

As Mother Theresa of Calcutta put it, “Do not wait for leaders to do it. Do it alone, person to person.”

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