Saturday, March 1, 2008

It is more than experience that Clinton has

Mar 1, 2008

~ From experience, she allowed the natural, human generosity and care for the human race to emerge in the forefront of her actions.

~ From experience, she sees the patterns in the detail and the details in the patterns.

~ From experience, she knows the moves between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branches and how to operate with facility and strength in each of them.

~ From experience, she has been given the opportunity, joys and discernment of sitting and speaking personally to world leaders in 40 countries from China to Kosovo, from Africa to South America.

~ From experience, she has developed the muscle to stick to her points of vision in the face of attack.

~ From her experience as a woman, she has learned to endure and move forward in the political arena with grace.

~ From experience, she has dropped her ego and become one with democratic action and the people.

~ From experience, she feels the needs of the people and encourages our wisdom and action in getting the jobs done.

~ From experience, she is oriented to work, and while she’s an intrepid campaigner, the tone of the campaign is always about you, the people, and the work to be done and not about matters tending towards self-glorification.

~ From experience she knows that in her heart it is better to go to the funeral of the young woman in Texas and to visit her friends in New Orleans at the State of the Black Union rather than to abandon them as if to say that family and race questions in America are not of central importance on the agenda of the Presidency. To her, they remain central.

~ From experience, she knew what it was to be the Senator from New York in Washington DC, on the day of and on the day after and in the year after the attack on New York and Washington DC. She was in the position to work towards the defense of the ideals of our country, when we still had ideals, when we still believed in ourselves, as did the world, in a way that Senator Obama will never know because he was still outside Washington.

~ From experience, she saw how that 2002 vote presented one way to her on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee became, one year later, a tool for Bush and Cheney to begin to behave like a cowboys with guns and more guns-- just to throw away like used up toys and leave behind for our enemies to pick up and recover.

~ By the time Barack got to the Senate later, from experience he learned to see himself vote the same way that Senator Clinton did on the ensnarlment of Iraq.

~ From experience, she knows that the pharmaceuticals and insurance companies will slip right through the hole if you stand before them with anything less than a total, 100%, universal plan for them to accept. Give them a hole, and they set the price. You know that from the experience of 15 years of fighting with the big boys.

~ And from our experience we know that if any American allows himself or herself to open for 15 or 30 minutes to a speech or an interview with this great Senator from New York, he or she will begin to recognize how Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton can fill a heart with gratitude, expand knowledge of the fields of action, and fortifies hope and faith.

She's the real thing, and we will do all within our power to allow the whole world to experience her the way we who have allowed her to speak to us do.

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poltclanml said...

Hillary Clinton is the best candidate the Democratic Party has had in the last 8 years. When I hear Obama and his surrogates/supporters say experience is not enough, I don't know how they can say that with a straight face. Since when has experience been relegated to a non-issue?
When Obama talks about his superior judgement, I want to know where it was when he knowingly entered into the real estate deal with Rezko. When he tries to make Hillary's taxes an issue, when don't he reveal his "earlier" taxes or answer the questions about his involvement with Rezko and others?
I think his rallies and speeches are getting old and stale. He's beginning to sound like a kid who's trying to win the "did not, did too" argument about Iraq. That whole thing is played out as far as I'm concerned. We are there, tell me how you plan to get the troops out that you voted to keep there longer. Og course he won't talk about that because as Samamtha Power said, he had no "real" plan to get the troops home...more empty campaign rhetoric.