Friday, March 14, 2008

The Seven Heavenly Ways

Alright, you two. I mean Hillary and Barack.
So now the playing field is level. Barack is neither a Muslim nor a racist and Hillary is neither a racist nor the wife of a Republican.
Let us now move on to the higher ground that both of you offered us.
Let us talk.
Let us see which one of you can talk better.
Let us see which one of you can answer questions better.
Let us see the wisdom with which you approach specific international boiling spots as they are on various spots of the globe.
Let us see how you will go up against McCain, not just hear the one of you say you will have the words and the other of you say you already have the experience.
What, exactly, does happen on Day One?
What do you do when the Seven Deadly Problems jump up to number 2 spot on the priority list after the #1 problem: War. Let's list all seven:
1. The War. The Occupation. The Withdrawal. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Israel. Palestine. Iran.
2. The Rest of the World: Russia, China, Venezuela, Darfur, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico.
3. The Economy: The Greening of America Project - infrastructure and greening and jobs - the Vision of The Greening of America. The Health Care system is part of that. Does the IT staff really have the readiness to extend the Congressional system out to us on ... Day 2?
4. Women: immediately recognize women as the route in to solve the domestic and foreign problems. It is the de-valuation of things feminine (joining, creating, softening, nurturing, joining, finding sameness) that is at the foundation of problems East, West, and Middle.
5. Children: education and love. American and Iraqii children first and all children in general. Children's interests have to come before the interests of pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.
6. Immigration: We love our Spanish friends and all the other peoples as well. American always welcomes people and people become very happy and sometimes prosperous living in America. We need to solve this problem with the respect due the United States and the joy and wisdom of the immigrants.
7. Science and art and the future: we want a vision of where we are going.

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