Saturday, May 10, 2008

What would I do?

I have been grappling ... thry to consider the possibility of entering the voting booth and voting for "the Democrat" whomever that may be - but I find that I cannot go there. I am apart from the "logic" that has come from the Media and the DNC. I stand with people who stand for ideas and principles and the rule of law, not for person or "party". We were Democrats because we thought that meant standing for the rule of law and equality under law by all. Turns out, "Democrats" is just a lable. Ideas, principles and the rule of law are our guides. Hillary's heart and mind illumine justice and the rule of law, the good fight, endurance, belief, faith, fortitude: We vote principles, not "party." It does not matter if the Democratic Party loses. It only matters if the principles lose.

Tom wrote in the " ... the Islamic terrorists will fear Hillary far more than they would McCain. Why are they so ruthless in their repression of women? Feminists know ... Hillary would be their worst nightmare: a woman unveiled, with not only the power, but the will, to bring about their destruction." I agree with Tom's key insight.

We do not know for sure that Obama would be a weakling in the world - we only know that thus far he has played that role. He rode the crest of an organized and orchestrated and paid media support + youth + new voter wave. It is possible that Obama could turn out to be something besides an action figure, but we don't know. Thus far, if you "genderize" them like a Sociologist, Hillary is the-guy-with-the-hormones and Barack is the gal-with-the-smile-and-the-desire-not-to-fight. However, there is one thing he will never be, and that is a real woman.

A woman is the way in to the heart of the Middle East. Oppression BEGINS with the oppression of women or the oppression of man to man because of women. A woman is the wedge into the mystery that is the horror of what goes on in the Middle East. Freedom is much more attractive to the oppressed woman than it is to the oppressing man. Only a woman can bridge this gap. Hillary is the bridge.

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