Thursday, May 8, 2008

A political party committing suicide

Superdelegates are bitten by sound bites. They are consuming themselves, eating their own sound bites. The question will not be "Are you leaving the Democratic party?" The question will be "Did you notice the Democratic Party just committed suicide?" There will be no Democratic party if they nominate the straw man. A Superdelegate for for Obama is a vote for McCain.

Our job is intervention: the party does not know it is killing itself. Talk with "Kansas" - i.e., with Dems who don't scour the internet and rely on TV. They are "dealing with" what they now feel is their inevitable Dem nominee and obligatory vote in Nov. They sense & fear "their neighbors" won't vote for the Dem nominee ... they're trying to convince themselves Obama is ok ... So, just tell them one thing about Obama that the media hasn't told them yet will media feed them over the course of the Summer. Their voting hand turns right (McCain) or off (stay home). They will not vote Dem in Nov as they learn more truth.

Our job as interventionists is to
1.) tell the Democratic party that is is committing suicide and
2.) tell the Democratic voters everywhere - who Support Hillary but might be wounded today by sound bites. Call your sisters and mothers and friends don't live in KY or OR or WV; they know people who do. Remind people how Hillary was even getting compliments from Republicans all last week. Clinton is endearing to people who allow themselves to see her in action; her heart galvanizes our public heart. She even made O'Reilly agree he'd pay higher taxes. She's a genius.

There is going to be nothing new from Obama. We have seen what he has to offer. His stump speech is growing thin and by July-August will be entirely transparent. HOPE will become NOPE - the tragic signs are all over. Superdelegates have forgotten this is a man whose entire campaign is 1000s speeches about a 30 second 2002 speech in Chicago. Eating your own sound bites is unhealthy. He is Icarus and his wax will melt and coat the moribund Democratic Party. But that tragedy hasn't happened yet. You, too, can help prevent it.

Democrats awake: Clinton is radiant and ready - equpped to lead us into the Millenium with clarity, wit, and love: a mix of head, heart, and vigor the likes of which we have never seen - maybe the best since Lincoln. That's where we are in America: on the brink of an enormous fissure. Clinton will unite all of America and restore the standards of excellence and leadership in love. She is the only one of the 3 candidates whom all of America will love, the only one who has stated the basic truth of our mission: "I want to be known as the President who champions all the children." That is our fulcrum. That must be our calling. She is the Captain of the real ship. Obama is but a dream. He loses the G.E. Clinton wins. It's not too late: We can have her!

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